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Roots marked in the tradition of a people, conjectures about its origin, mysticism in the charm of its crafts. It is the Huichol people who remain faithful to their beliefs in the midst of modernity and technology, it is they who preserve history in their rites, in their clothing and in their proudly Mexican features.

Also known as Wixárikas, the Huichols live in the north of the state of Jalisco, in the towns of Mezquitic and Bolaños, right on the spine of the Sierra Madre Occidental; There, far from the social and political tumult, they preserve their ideals thanks to a peculiar isolation that has helped them to preserve their social organization, their festivities and their racial purity.


Huichol art


Using the tiny bead as a fundamental piece, his masks and animal figures are recognized all over the world, coyotes, deer, lizards, flowers ... everything is possible in his dream world. Also appreciated are their necklaces and bracelets, as well as clothing items (blouses, shawls, shirts), decorated with yarn and beads.

The Huichol culture is undoubtedly a jewel for Jalisco, respecting their ideologies and their way of life should be an argument without discussion, venerating life and nature as they do, treasuring the roots and exalting the magic of a colorful town.


Quetzalcoatl Castillo Leal


Relojes de madera

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