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  We use beautiful and organic materials in our pieces so they must be treated with love and respect. Agavus builds its reputation on its excellent care and quality

in its artisanal and automated processes, using

materials of the highest quality and innovating

in finishes to create products as beautiful as they are functional. Since each of our creation is a unique and handmade piece.


Tektona grandis

Teak wood is a tropical hardwood. Characterized by its great beauty, resistance, stability and durability. Teak wood is one of the few woods around the world that produces its own oil.

                   Black Walnut

Juglans nigra

Walnut is considered one of the most valuable types of wood that exist today. Heartwood that varies in shades from light brown to dark chocolate. The sapwood is creamy white. Walnut wood is one of America's most prized woods for use in high-quality carpentry.

American Oak / Red Oak

Quercus Rubra (Northern)


Swietenia macropylla

Light pinkish gray sapwood, with gradual transition to

Heartwood pinkish brown with a yellowish or reddish tinge. Rings of

growth clearly marked by bands of large pores, streaked; texture

thick, somewhat lustrous surface; dry wood without characteristic odor or taste.

Mahogany wood is one of the most precious woods in the world market as well as one of the highest value. Very limited availability. Considered by many as the best wood for cabinetmaking around the world.


Entandrophragma cylindricum

Pacific Maple

Hacer Macrophyllum

It is pale pink to white in color with minimal difference between sapwood and heartwood. In addition, as it is a quality wood with a highly appreciated color, it is in great demand for all kinds of uses.

It is native to tropical Africa in Uganda. The commercial importance of wood is reminiscent of mahogany, with a distinctive reddish hue, widely used in quality carpentry: doors, paneling, luxury furniture, etc.


Ebenopsis ebano

Sándal Rojo

Santalum Album

La madera de sándalo es una de esas consideradas “maderas nobles”. Es utilizada desde la antigüedad no solo en ebanistería, también en el mundo de la perfumería, medicina tradicional y cosmética, ya que el aceite que se obtiene presenta interesantes propiedades.

Ebony is a wood whose color is one of the most intense blacks known, and due to its very high density (it is one of the few woods that sinks in water, since almost all woods have a lower density than water), its good texture and very smooth polishing ability is very valuable as wood.

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