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Circular / Walnut Bracelet - Silver Plate .925

AGAVUS takes beautiful geometric shapes and weaves them into meaningful jewels , elegantly designed to remind you that you are perfect as you are. Using wood as the concept of having harmony and balance with nature, your AGAVUS jewelry expresses the natural beauty of being authentic, inside and out.

Stainless steel bracelet, double silver plated .925. 100% natural American walnut wood.

Customization included.

Circular / Walnut Bracelet - Silver Plate .925

  • Our intention is to use natural, beautiful and organic materials in their purest state, in order to cause the least environmental impact, taking advantage of its nobility to work it. Each piece has a color and textures unique in its kind.
    We start from the idea of going back to our natural roots, using ecological and organic materials.
    * This product is made of natural materials, and you can expect a variation in the color and grain of the wood.
    * This product is made with 100% natural wood.
    * Will develop a color and textures distinguished with use.