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Our products are made with 100% natural wood to which a permeable additive is applied for daily use.

They are quality tested for everyday use.

Avoid overexposure of wood to the sun.


As they are made with wood, they should not be in constant exposure to moisture or water. You won't find any inconvenience with daily use like hand washing, sweat, or light rain. Our parts are splash resistant but not waterproof. We suggest you avoid any type of direct contact with water. We suggest that you not wear your watch during physical activities.





Our pieces are made of 100% genuine leather, to preserve its original appearance, protect the skin from water, sweat, humidity, grease, perfumes, cosmetics and chemical products. Avoid excessive sun exposure. Clean the skin with a damp cloth.




Your watch uses a MIYOTA caliber 377 1.5 volt battery, we suggest, if necessary, replace it at any jewelry store, watch specialist store or directly with us.



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