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At AGAVUS our intention is to use natural, beautiful and organic materials in their purest state, in order to cause the least environmental impact, taking advantage of their nobility to work them, each piece has a color and textures unique in its kind.

Wood is the most ecological raw material that exists, it does not require industrial processes, since it is a natural product and requires less energy consumption throughout its extraction process than materials such as steel, aluminum, plastics, etc. It is 100% recyclable and biodegradable: this means that it will never cause contamination of soil, water or atmosphere.

Products made from wood store carbon throughout their useful life. Which is the main cause of the greenhouse effect.

Being a natural, abundant and renewable resource, its consumption favors local forestry exploitation and environmental protection. The wood we use comes from certified sawmills, this means that the extraction of raw material is managed according to sustainability criteria.

Wood has become one of the noblest materials that exist, which has allowed us that any piece that we make, carries the essence of each person, generating a natural connection between the product, the brand, the client and the end user. .

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